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ATS Resume

These 26 ATS-optimized resume templates follow data format tips to extend the chance of going to the highest of the list of the many applications filtered by the person following system. Main options of those samples:

  • ■ normal fonts are used
  • ■ no special characters or symbols
  • ■ single column format: no tables, text boxes, sections, or columns
  • ■ no images, tables, borders and shadings
  • ■ normal headings
  • ■ no advanced data format

In Depth

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Format Mix

Downloaded 61

Bold Career

Downloaded 78

Technical Specialist

Downloaded 70

Splash of Blue

Downloaded 30

High Tech Special

Downloaded 65

Corporate Candidate

Downloaded 55

Business Minded

Downloaded 71

Highly Proficient

Downloaded 110

All the Information

Downloaded 167

Attention to Detail

Downloaded 105

Senior Management

Downloaded 113

IT Contractor

Downloaded 33


Downloaded 64

Feature Presentation

Downloaded 68


Downloaded 102

Core Skills

Downloaded 95

Rising Career

Downloaded 88

On Point

Downloaded 51


Downloaded 50

Leading Edge

Downloaded 80

Strong Showing

Downloaded 54


Downloaded 130


Downloaded 107

Technical Special

Downloaded 75


Downloaded 99