How to Post a Job

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to Post a Job

While several of the open positions that job seekers notice on jobs network are collected from around the web by our search engine, employers also can post jobs online directly on jobs network. Jobs posted on jobs network are accessible to candidates from both desktop computers and mobile devices and might appear in search results even though your company doesn’t have a career website. It’s simple to post a job in only a few steps.

When you click the “Post a Job” button at, you’ll be able to open an employer account, from that you'll be able to post a new job at any time when it’s time to post a job, be prepared to:

Enter the details of your job

Add a clear, summary title and description, as well as the location of your job. the job details you offer can facilitate match your job to relevant job seeker searches, therefore look into the following tips for making clear titles and keyword-rich job descriptions. Finally, opt for the email address to which applicant resumes are going to be sent.

Specify job needs

If your ideal candidate must have certain experience, credentials or skills, you'll be able to specify these with Application questions. once applying, applicants are going to be asked if they meet the job requirements you’re searching for. Requirements will include location, years of specific experience, education level and language proficiency.

Choose to sponsor your job for additional visibility

Sponsored Jobs are paid job listings that receive a lot of clicks and applications than jobs posted for free on jobs network. “Sponsoring” your job means that applying a small budget to keep it conspicuously displayed in search results. If you decide on to post your job for free, it will be most visible to job seekers for the first two or three days after posting. After that, your job will fall behind newer relevant search results and candidates will need to scroll farther back to find it when setting a budget to sponsor your jobs, the Apply calculator tool can provide you with a plan of what number applications you'll be able to expect, based on the performance of jobs like yours. If you decide on to sponsor your job, you may be prompted to add billing info.

Get started today

Today, a lot of people are finding out jobs on so than anywhere else, and jobs network is that the leading source of external hires for thousands of companies. Ensure your jobs are exposed to the biggest pool of qualified candidates out there by posting them on jobs network to induce started, visit

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