Shortcuts to Slender your Search for Jobs Relevant to you

Sunday, March 06, 2016

These search shortcuts can assist you get across the noise realize precisely the positions you’re searching for. All these hacks apply solely to’s “Job Title” search box. Add your most popular location to the “City” box, or leave “City” empty to ascertain what’s accessible across the country.

1. Enclose phrases among quotation marks

To say so to go looking a selected phrase, enclose the words in quotation marks.

Are you searching for your first job or change you career? This search is going to be useful to you, regardless of wherever the words seem within the job posting: Job Title –"Entry Level"

Does one grasp precisely the job you hope to land? Place that job title in quotes and search away: Job Title –“office manager”

Does one have wonderful Microsoft workplace chops to arouse the table? Use this search to seek out jobs that meet your talent set: Job Title –“Microsoft Office”

2. Specify job titles

You can conjointly seek for specific job titles on show. Pretty merely, too. Simply add the word “title” followed by a colon: Job Title –title: controller

Jobs Network can then search solely the titles of postings. Remove the title, and therefore the search will seek for those words in each the task title and therefore the body of the task description.

3. Specify job titles that are phrases

Since there are numerous differing types of accountants, raise so to seek out precisely the ones you would like. In this instance, let’s use tax accountant.

If the task title may be a phrase, like tax controller, mix 1 and 2 two to be additional specific: Job Title –title: “tax accountant”

In this case, you’re telling so you would like to solely see jobs with titles that embrace the words “tax accountant.”

4. Determine your target employers

Like specifying the task titles you would like, you'll be able to conjointly say so to seek out your target employers. Just like the approach you say so to seek out specific job titles for you, have so sought for jobs with a selected leader by writing within the name.

For example, let’s say you would like to work for XYZ Company. You’re interested by what job openings they need immediately. To seek out open jobs at XYZ Company, use this query: Job Title – company: “XYZ Company”

5. Realize a selected job title at a target letter

Combine 3 and 4 to seek out specific job titles with a target letter. So, if you needed to be a tax controller for XYZ Company, your question would appear as if this. Job Title –title: “tax accountant” company: “XYZ Company.”

6. Realize jobs that need a selected skill

Maybe you’re attempting to work out that jobs are best for you by exploring job titles accustomed describe folks that have similar skills. Or even you only wish to ascertain jobs that need a selected talent set you have got or are considering getting.

In this example, we’ll assume you’re curious that employers want individuals with social media skills. So, you'd do that search: Job Title – “social media”

7. Search specific job titles and a talent set or trade

You know precisely the job you would like, and you’re searching for that job with a selected talent set enclosed. So, if you needed to seek out government assistant jobs within the realty trade, you'd mix employment title search with a keyword search.

That search would appear as if this: Job Title –title: “executive assistant” “real estate”

8. Search specific job titles minus one thing you hate to try to do

Say you would like an associate degree body assistant job, however you don’t wish to be the receptionist, too.

To find the admin assistant jobs that exclude those with receptionist duties within the descriptions, your search would appear as if this: Job Title – title: “administrative assistant” -receptionist

9. Search specific job titles at specific corporations, minus one thing you hate to try to do

In this example, you’ve determined you would like that body assistant job (without receptionist duties) at our legendary XYZ Company. Your search would appear as if this: Job Title –title: “administrative assistant” -receptionist company: “Example Company”

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