Dependence on Overtime

Monday, November 30, 2015

Each of us falls prey to the temptation to work and more money due in the first instance and eventually you find something absolutely normal. You can get to judge others unless I do so because I think an example. You always complain of fatigue and eventually you manage to meet with loved ones narrate all about work. But after you consider yourself superior because you know you do more than others. You have your social life? Of course not. May you enjoy that? Do you have hobbies? What do you do for you? I refer to something constructive.

Addiction overtime lead to anxiety, experts say. They say that those who work more than they should do to overcome their frustrations and they always want to prove how good we are. Who cares? All seek to have positive people around us with whom you can enjoy the pleasures of life. Life passes quickly and if you are not happy going to conclude that you have lived in vain.

You always worked to exhaustion, did someone put a statue? Keep going and besides, I will not have anyone next to you more likely to get sick as a. Or you're already and excessive work makes you stop thinking about anything else. You have to enjoy what you have done before and you need to know how to be happy. Make friends, socialize as much, enjoy and make you more for you.

Do you get some pampering. Rest. Everyone needs sleep eight hours to recharge the batteries. Do not think that you're different and you can order as were others much smarter than you think you are, who studied this aspect and certainly right. Talk to a psychologist, it is normal in today and see what you think.

Do not criticize, just as every person on the planet deserves to live life and enjoy every moment free. Not a robot and no one, not any other boss that you basically sabotage was not more important than you and your health. You have the right to happiness!

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