About Us

Who are we?

Jobs-Network.net ( Bud Cosmin Ioan, Sole Trader ) is a Romania based company that provides helps finding jobs to the people around the globe. Through our site, people who are willing to get a job, gets help and people willing to hire workers get help as well. Jobs Network was established in 2015.

What do we do?

We provide a very friendly platform for the service provides and the taskers who may give and get jobs respectively via our website. All you need to do is simply mention your credentials that are asked by the search bars on the homepage and our site will provide you a list of jobs according to your expertise thus making you getting a job. For your ease our site has been distributed in different sections for the job search like

  • - Jobs by Category
  • - Jobs by Location
  • - Jobs by Country
  • - Jobs by Company
  • - Local Jobs
  • - Post a Job
  • - Resume Templates
  • - Work at Home

  • These categories help you to find jobs for yourself more perfectly. We have our team on social media as well to provide you with full facilities. You may look up for us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and you may follow our blog on blogspot as well.

    What do we aim?

    We aim highly to help the jobless people find new jobs and the professionals with lots of work load, share their work. People have full freedom to opt for any job from anywhere in the world as the site specifically ask you about the country in which you want to earn. Along with that, we do not aim to make you experience any scam or something thus there is always a direct one to one communication between the job owner and the interested worker. We are so pleased to introduce Jobs Network internationally, feel free to come and join our network to get help and spread help!